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    Becoming a Member

    • How many members are part of the club ?

      Right now, we have about 450 members. At our current size, the maximum number of members we can support is about 500-600. Adding more members than this without leasing new ranches would put too much pressure on our current ranches.

    • Can I pay overtime with a payment plan?

      Although we do accept payment over time, under the terms our insurance your membership only begins once fees are paid in full and lasts for one year from that date.

    • What does the application process look like?

      If you decide would like to be a part of Golden Ram, you will be sent a brief membership application to be filled out and sent back to  the office. If you are approved, you will receive a membership package in the mail. Once all the necessary documents are received by us and payment is made, you will be able to hunt.

    • When does my payment term start?

      Annual membership fees are due by the anniversary of the date you became a member.

    • Once I am a member, is there anything else I should know?

      Welcome to the club! Each year before the anniversary of you becoming a member, you will be able to renew your membership. Keep us up to date with changes to your contact information so that we can send to you your new membership card.  You must have your renewal agreement in place in order to hunt and be covered by our insurance policy.

    Planning Your Trip

    • How do I access the ranches after becoming a member?

      Simply call the office before your trip and we will give you gate codes, addresses, directions, and any other necessary information. We recommend reservations be made two to three weeks in advance if possible, but even a day or two before is usually enough. A member can only hold one reservation at a time, so no double booking.

    • How do I access a duck blind?

      Just like with ranches, call the office before your trip to make a reservation. Our limited member duck blinds are more likely to be booked up, so make sure you call well in advance. Drop-ins are an also option if a blind is empty  less than 30 minutes before shooting time, so be sure to be at your reserved blind early!

    • I’ve had some bad experiences with other clubs limiting access. Will I be able to hunt the ranches I want ?

      We pride ourselves on maintaining a balance between the properties we manage and the number of members in the club to avoid having to turn members away from ranches. If traffic is too high on a certain ranch one weekend, we would direct members to other ranches when they call to reserve their trip. For the busiest weekend of the year, the B-zone opener, we use a lottery system. Simply rank your choice of our three B-zone properties and you’ll likely be drawn to hunt your top choice.

    • Does the club often lose properties?

      No. We have long term leases on most of our properties. We have had many of our most popular ranches for decades. 

    • How does the club manage overhunting?

      With our reservation system, we manage traffic to ranches. If too many people want to hunt a location, we may re-direct members to a different ranch. We also work with landowners to ensure the long-term health of our properties. For example, on most of our ranches we have a three-points or better rule for most deer hunters, with mature “beyond the ears” forked horns being allowed to be taken in the last nine days of the B-zone season. Some pig ranches we also close the ranch to hunting on alternating months to decrease pressure. 

    • Are longtime members given priority in the opening weekend ballot, access to duck blinds, campsites, etc?

      No member is given priority. As a new member, you will have the same standing as anyone else. While we do have different types of memberships (single, family, corporate), we do not have different classes of members. All members are given the same privileges and reservation decisions are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

    • I’m new to hunting. How can I get started?

      We offer one-on-one guided hunts for Colombia Black-tail deer, hogs, and Tule Elk. These can be a good way for new hunters to get started on our ranches and have a good first experience. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable and can share their expertise with an inexperienced hunter. More information can be found on the Guided Hunt page.

    • How do I meet other members?

      If you have kids, join us at our family weekend, usually held the third weekend in June at our Hedgepath ranch. Kids can shoot rifles, shotguns, and bows at organized ranges under instructor supervision, learn wilderness survival, swim, play in the creek, and win raffle prizes. Parents can get connected in the club. Contact the office for special family weekend non-member policies. 

    On The Ranches

    • Can my kids/wife/father come camping with me if I only have a non-family membership?

      Yes! Although they cannot hunt, family can join you on your hunting trips to camp and fish.

    • How many hunters are allowed on a ranch?

      This number is based on the size of the ranch. For our smallest ranch, it’s two, and for our largest, it’s fifty. 

    • Can I bring my quad to the ranch?

      Most likely. We allow quads on most all our ranches, as quads and UTVs have less impact on the roads. The only exceptions are the Chalome, which does not allow quads due to members off-roading, but a UTV or truck would be sufficient for the majority of roads on this ranch. Some of our smallest ranches are foot hunting only. On all our ranches, vehicles MUST stay on established roads on all ranches, no off-roading. 

    • Is there a draw system for tags on the ranches?

      All our ranches are hunted with over-the-counter tags.

    • Does Golden Ram offer pheasant hunting?

      We have a special relationship with Raahauge’s Pheasant Club, near Dunnigan for pheasant and chukar hunting. Golden Ram members get to pay half price for birds. 

    • Do Golden Ram properties have opportunities to fish?

      Yes! Our Hedgepath and Bar-Z ranches both have beautiful lakes full of bass, catfish, and panfish. Trout can be caught in Poplar Creek on the Sloat Ranch.  Many of our properties offer easy access to the ocean or public lakes for day trips in between hunts or while camping with the family. 

Membership inquiries are welcome.

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