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First Pheasant

pheasantHere are some cool pictures of my son Anthony's first pheasant hunt.   He got the first bird after every one else missed. Every one laughed at our hunting dog, Molly, but she is actually very good.  A couple members hunting the field across from us got to see her in action and couldn't believe it. We took six birds over all between the four of us and missed several more we were a bit rusty.   It was a great way to start the season.  - David Soucy


A Break in the Weather

pig"It wasn't very promising with heavy rains forecasted for every day of our trip, but the first class accommodations at the Hedgepath Ranch gave us a place to dry out in between hunts.  During a short break in the weather I dropped my son Corey off at the top of a ridge along with our other hunting buddy to make a drive to the bottom and maybe flush something out.  Fresh sign right away showed that something big was nearby.  Following the sign led him right to this big boar.  When he got wind of Corey he bolted but the boar was brought down with one shot at about fifty yards.  Truly a trip of a lifetime that we will never forget.  Thanks to Golden Ram for providing such top notch facilities."

Tom Baker

New Members Score Early

pheasantWe recently purchased a corporate membership with GR. We went on our first hunt  11-14-09 which happened to land on opening day of pheasant season. We arrived at the Riego Road Ranch and met Tom and Mike. They made us feel right at home by planting some birds for us. Shoot time was at 8:00 a.m. and we were limited out by 9:00 a.m. That gave us time to check out some of the duck property in the area. We are excited to be in the club and can't wait until our next hunt. Pictured from left to right, Ed Main, Jason Dodd, and Mike Leavell.


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