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Quick Win

Vinny's PigSometimes luck just goes your way!!!

Youth hunter Vinny Elliot and his father Trevor have been Golden Ram members for the last couple of years.  Vinny is 16 years old.  He took his hunter safety course early and got his license at age eight and began hunting with his Dad at age 12 but he's never been successful on a hog.

Vinny and Trevor arrived at the Hedgpeth Ranch around 6:30 am on a recent, rainy Saturday morning and  began hunting at 7:00.  By 7:15 Vinny had made his shot from about 175 yards and harvested his very first big game animal.  It was a nasty looking 200 pound boar.  After sharing their success story will a few fellow Golden Ram members they were on their way home.  All within three hours.   Now that's way you call having things go your way.

Golden Ram is always excited to see the true tradition of hunting being passed down within our member families.   Congratulations Vinny!!

Last Weekend Buck

Golden Ram last WeekendThe last weekend of the season, Jeff Betancourt and his brother, Dave, got this buck to close out another fun season.  We wanted to thank the club and and folks who put a lot of time making the Bar Z a great place to hunt and camp. This buck has a 20" plus spread and 13" tall rack.  We missed the opportunity to shoot a bigger buck the day before.  It got dark on us quick and couldn't get a clean shot.  We'll get him next year.

First Buck

Golden Ram First BuckCallie got her first buck on Opening Day.


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