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You Don't See That Every Day

KonaOK, you definitely don’t see this every day.  We had a number of calls about this through the season and we didn’t quite believe it until we reached out and asked for some pictures.  So here’s the proof. A German Shepherd dog named Kona that not only protects its owner at home but also retrieves birds.   Kona is the German Shepherd that does it all.   These pictures are of Kona out for the last weekend of goose hunting with his owner Cody Walker.   Cody Walker, Tanner Sleek and Dave Wood were able to bring down 15 geese on the last weekend and Kona brought them all to the blind.   That’s pretty impressive.

Kona Kona

Cody, Tanner & Dave Kona

Junior Hunt with Kelsi

junior huntJunior hunter Kelsi McNeil is out in the blind with Uncle Bryan making her dad smile down.  Kelsi shows that it is possible to keep your French manicure looking good between shooting birds in the blind. 

Double Header Success

Golden Ram HuntingHunted the end of shotgun turkey and the opener of archery pig. Got a nice tom Sunday morning with a 10in beard and a 150lb sow Monday evening. My guest, John Rider, got a 200+lb boar Wednesday evening. Awesome hunt with lots of game seen. Thank you Golden Ram for the spring pig archery hunt!

Dan Verhage


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